How does it work?

It’s as simple as ordering for a pizza delivery

Except now you’re getting your car washed professionally, and everything is done online and soon, over the app. Watch the short video to see how we get things done for you (We brings along Water and Electric Supply! )

What Our Clients Say

  • Speaking of car washing, this is the very first time i felt compelled to compliment a car wash service. I booked their Value Wype service yesterday and I was completely impressed with their professionalism. Their attention to detail made me can’t stop WOW-ing when checking my car interior after the car wash. The most professional interior detailing I’ve ever experienced so far. Plus, their people are also friendly and responsive.
    Although there’s still room for improvement for their online booking system, overall, my experience with the eWype was positive. I really appreciate their positive attitude! See you soon, eWype!

    Xisee Chongwc
  • Friendly n great service!! I love your idea! Good job guys!

    Angela Ng
  • Satisfied and I will definitely use the service again. The timing is flexible and the people are friendly. Love it!

    Jackie Yong
  • Very good service, both exterior and interior were very clean and it leaves a fragrant smell which is pleasant. Reasonable pricing and will definitely book the next time. Service quality is guaranteed because they treat your car as their car as well.

    Mágícál Andy
  • Servis yang terbaik, memang teliti buat kerja. Harga yang berpatutan.. memang saya akan guna servis ini selalu.. saya bagi 5 Star..

    Mohamad Shahrin
  • Good services!! Appreciated and please share! Wash your ride anywhere anytime!

    Dady Vin Mika
  • You can expect a professional car wash and services at your door step! My car has been attended throughout on both exterior and interior, not to mention the fragrance are seemingly pleasant too. Would definitely book it again, great job!

    Joseph Kee
  • 2 kali saya gunakan perkhidmatan eWype.Service yang bagus walaupun wallet saya tertinggal dalam kereta mereka letak dalam envelope dan simpan dalam Armrest kereta saya..

    Encik Abel