Frequently Asked Questions

Wype buddy has undergone professional car wash & detailing training. The technique used to wash your car is the touch less and double bucket wash method, which minimizes hand contact on your vehicle.

Any location is OK if your location is within our service area, and is safe for a car wash to be conducted at. (eg. Housing areas, car parks, condominiums, are considered as feasible locations. An example of a dangerous area is the emergency lane of a highway, where car wash is not feasible due to safety concerns.)

No, you don’t have to be. Simply entrust us with your car key. Kindly remember to keep your important belongings. eWype will not be responsible for any items lost.

Once you have a promo code, just key in the code in the ‘Promo Code’ field while you order the car wash before making payment.

Yes, we are. Please ensure that you have given our servicemen the necessary details (eg. Unit number, car park number, etc) for us to inform the guards at the entrance so that they will allow us to enter. That way, it would be convenient for the both of us.

We are using Turtle brand car shampoo, imported from the United States.

Your car must be parked in a space which allows us to open your car easily, so that we can clean the interiors and avoid dirtying the sides of your car.

The car shampoo that we use contains carnauba wax which will leave a glossy clean surface on your car paint after the carwash is done.