eWype, Your Private Detailer

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Tell us where your car is. We'll come and wash it.

Our Wype Buddies are certified professionals in carwash and detailing. And our online booking makes it easy for you to schedule appointments.


Select and confirm time & date for your mobile carwash appointment.


Wype Buddy will arrive on time to wash your car, fully-equipped.


Sit back and relax while we work on making your car sparkling-clean!

Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Convenient Mobile Carwash Service, WE'LL COME TO YOU!


Cashless, hassle-free, and affordable prices for all, our professional mobile carwash delivery service is now available throughout Klang Valley. Get your car washed anywhere whether it be home, school, office or just about anywhere within our service area. With eWype, booking a car wash has never been easier.


100% Self-Sufficient

You don’t need to worry about supplying us with water or electricity. We've got it covered, completely.

Super Convenient

Book and pay online. After Wype buddy get the job done, we'll send you a picture of your *squeaky* clean car along with your receipt.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We promise a good job done. Now every car gets to enjoy a thorough professional carwash inside out, including vacuum, glass cleaning, and dashboard cleaning.

How does it work?

It’s as simple as ordering for a pizza delivery

Except now you’re getting your car washed professionally, and everything is done online and soon, over the app. Watch the short video to see how we get things done for you

What Our Clients Say

  • This is so convenient, clean and shine! I do see this Idea in China before, and now I can try this in Malaysia !

    Alex Yong
  • was my first time washing with eWype and they are amazing!! He arrived right on time and got straight away to work. He was super courteous and worked really fast as well.

    NG Teong
  • This is our 2nd time with eWype. Jeremy, eWype coordinator, is very professional--and makes every attempt to satisfy the customer!

    Jo G – KL